Personal session

In a session with the Grinberg Method, we’ll focus your attention on your body. With touch, verbal guidance and a focus on breathing, you learn to become physical. You learn to describe and change your physical condition. At the first introductory session (1.5 hours), we work together to define the direction of your process. The general goal for the sessions is always to increase your well-being and move towards your personal aim. Client goals are very different, for example:

  • be free from physical symptoms (i.e neck, back, head or menstrual pain, restricted mobility, digestive problems)
  • develop a new way of dealing with fears and worries
  • learn to deal with anger differently
  • have more energy and attention
  • have better concentration, experience silence
  • experience less tense in stressful situations
  • sleep better, feel more quiet
  • develop personally and become more self-confident
  • reduce suffering from painful experiences in the past

How effective the sessions are also depends on how much attention and motivation you invest in changing something. I do not treat you in the sessions, but rather show you tools to actively influence your well-being.

Regular sessions last for one hour.

Foto: Nurkhon Saidasanov