My work…

…is based on interest, clarity, humor and respect. I approach you and the process with these values. In teamwork with me you’ll learn to be aware of your body and to recognize restrictive routines and patterns. You’ll learn how to stop them and how to use the full potential of your body. I aim to support you to experience your whole self, as a unity – with all your senses, needs and experiences. This also means making friends with and accepting pain and fear as a part of life. By letting go of the resistance to pain and fear, new qualities can develop, and life becomes richer, more intense and free.

We start the process at whatever point in life you are at and I guide you towards feeling in which way you can still develop. We always focus on your personal scope, which can not be taken away from any kind of life circumstances. Through supporting you to develop an attuned attention to your body you discover that you have the choice to do things differently and to make decisions that allow you to move through your life with self-determination.

About me

My first contact with The Grinberg Method happened by coincidence in 2009 at a time when panic and social anxiety burdened my everyday life. Immediately after the first session I noticed that I was perceiving my body in a completely new way. I had more energy and realized that I could learn to change personal patterns to become freer. I felt stronger through the sessions and more and more like myself. My life became less narrow and my experiences more intense and livelier. I learned to raise my body attention and my mind became more silent.

My enthusiasm for the method has remained and grown over the years leading me to start training as a practitioner in 2016. I completed the studies of the Grinberg method in winter 2019.

I was born in 1988 in Carinthia/Koroška where I grew up speaking Slovenian. Since 2006 I have lived in Vienna – with shorter and longer international breaks. With a desire to support people with their personal growth and creating self-determined lives, I was first led to social work, to gender / queer studies, to counseling in the anti-violence work for women and then to the Grinberg method.

Foto: Marija Sabanovic